Kristina Hyland, J.D.

Senior Trust and Estate Consultant

Kristina Hyland

Kristina Hyland

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Families often wonder: what does it take to manage an estate and handle the day-to-day administration around selling assets, organizing payments and so forth? It can be overwhelming. How can the Wilson Group support a simpler way to settle and manage estates? CIBC Trust is one solution to liberate family members from the day-to-day work involved in estate management. CIBC Trust can act as an executor for families or as trustee or as a support to the executors in efficiently settling estates. With 90 years of experience, CIBC Trust understands what it takes.

Kristina Hyland joined CIBC Trust in 2016 after spending 10 years practicing law in the area of estates and trusts.  As a Senior Trust and Estate Consultant, Kristina works with clients to discuss the importance of selecting an attorney for property and/or executor.  Kristina has been actively involved in her community including acting as a board member of a Community Foundation and a Long Term Care facility.