Our Services

The Wilson Group prides itself on bringing leading-edge strategies that help clients lead richer and simpler lives. Here are three:

Real Life Financial Modelling

We deal with real people whose lives evolve – and therefore need a living and relevant financial plan that evolves with them. Clients meet with us each year to assess the progress of their portfolio as well as changes in their lives. For us, wealth planning is an ongoing conversation, not an event.

Purpose Based Portfolios

Each of our clients has aspirations for their money that defines their purpose. We guide clients to articulate:

  • How much capital they need to live well when they choose to stop working.
  • How much they need to support family now, and through legacies.
  • How much they want to give back to make a difference through charitable giving.
  • How much they want to set aside for new ventures.

Maximize the Value of Private Businesses

Business owners work so hard to build value in their businesses. We work just as hard to bring strategies and experts to help them reap their rewards both while running the business and when they choose to transition from the business. We guide owners on corporate business solutions that include:

  • Employer sponsored retirement strategies.
  • Improving employee loyalty.
  • Protecting your business from the loss of key employees.